Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Alarms, no Suprises

Ugh... The monotony of life has really been getting to me lately. I need to switch something up in my life, or I'll simply go crazy. In any regard though, my promise to myself to attempt to do at least one entry a week has failed. Every time I attempt to come up with something worth reading, I just tire myself out, and run out of steam.
Hm... Instead of buying myself a new guitar like I kept thinking I was going to, I realized that the guys who I rock with, we're simply a garage band. No one is watching us, so the looks of our equipment won't make a difference. So, I invested in a new digital distortion pedal. It is amazing! So much fun to play with.
Woah... that wasn't good at all. I apologize for that, as it was completely unneeded. If nothing else though, it does help to illustrate the state of mental idle I've been in.
Before I finish this, let me say this to the world though. Life is only as perfect as you make it. Saints and sinners alike, life is beautiful.
Morning bell.

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