Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sing the Sorrow

Okay, this one is going to go, for sure, no questions asked. This is my third attempt to do an entry in the last five days, and I'm really hoping that this one will actually work. With the other two I never really went anywhere with them, and they just felt like a waste of text, so I never published them.
As for news in the life of Chris, today is Valentines day, which although is not exactly how I envisioned it to be, is still going to be pretty great. Know why? Because I say it will be, and that's all I need. Take that world.
Another thing that I really want to make a brief comment on, is that I've actually found myself improving at playing the guitar, a fact which overjoys me. I've been pushing myself in how I play, an it's been paying off!... and I think that that's about all that's been happening in my life really, unless you want me to start a monologue on my school life (and trust me, you don't want that. At all.)

I am bored out of my skull. (As in literally, my head is hurting)
It's a Sunday afternoon, and I have absolutely nothing going on, at all. I wish I had interesting thoughts to talk about, or life events that I feel comfortable sharing with the entire friggin' world, but I've got nothing, which makes me feel like a terribly boring person right now.
So, to substitute, I'm going to post a little monologue that I did for my English class about two weeks ago. The link to the picture is;

Honor. Nobility. Morality. All those things, they’re only whatever you make them out to be. Adhering to the basic principals that can justify your sleep at night. The way I see it is just as the struggle to make you feel like a good person. Justify the sins we all commit by trying to play with honesty, and indiscrimination while hoping that the rest are going by the same standards as you.

The figure in the image: A blissful representative of a certain curiosity and mystery. Perhaps pondering the contents of the train. Maybe he’s reflecting upon the events of the day, using the deafening roar of the train as his own inverse tranquility. What’s to say he’s not waiting for the sunrise, and the train is nothing but coincidence, making for an annoying behemoth of an obstacle between our bare-footed subject, and his taste of gold? From my point of view, all of the above are irrelevant. Either way, the feeling, which is conveyed by the photographer (an art, which I believe, is on par with even the highest caliber of writing, or the writers behind it), is positively undeniable. The simplicity implies not only the photographer’s standpoint, but somehow the simple grace of the little things. One of the things that I really want to draw attention to would be how the entire left half of the picture is empty. Sure, there is the blurry outline of the train, and some dry grasses featured here, but in contrast to the right half, is extremely simple, and that to me, is the embodiment of passionate honor. Being true to oneself in an artistic expression, and avoiding conforming to a conventional opinion is truly a beautiful thing.

It might not seem like this to others, but I think that the way the photographer was subtle, yet very blunt with a single image, states everything that is needed. Picturing the seductive allure of the loneliness, which we (as humans) all crave from time to time. Of course, there is the blatant roadblock of reality that keeps us making our own seclusion into an actuality.

Which brings us back to the point mentioned in the paragraph prior to the last. Staying true to you is the purest kind of honor. Keeping your own desires, ambitions, and morals, and not losing track of you.

*This is not part of the things*
Hey! Notice the trick I did? I took six-hundred words, and used them to make nothing! Yay me!

-The only thing to be more wary of than those who wish you ill are those who want to love you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Her bedroom is her temple, her books and stereo her muse
And she feels humbled by this equation, and sets fire to all her shoes
Not because of Heaven and Hell. She's just not leaving anytime soon
And as the smoke pours out her window, a face forms behind the moon
And it looks like the face of Jesus, but if it's Jesus, she needs proof

Ah, Rain Maida, you never fail to make me smile, between your excellent acoustics, haunting voice, and dark lyrics (and that's not even bringing up his kick-ass falsetto.)
Well then, where should I begin... I can't quite remember when my last post was, but odds are I haven't been doing very much since then. The only change that has happened lately is that the new classes I've got going on this semester are dolling out a fair deal more homework than those of the first... which doesn't make for a very exciting blog post, if I do say so myself.
*mental note to self*-Think of things to write about before you actually commence writing. It makes it actually worth reading.
Wait! I lied, I do have one thing that I want to say something about! Valentines day is just around the corner! Minus the terribly grim history, I do really enjoy this time of year, A) because (as a friend of mind continually reminds me) I'm a hopeless romantic, and B) for the first time in my life, I actually have someone to enjoy Valentines day with (Um... if you're reading this (and you know who you are) it's not that I didn't enjoy last Valentines... but I think you know what I mean, right?)

The stormmaker says it ain't to bad
The dreammakers gonna make you mad
The spaceman says "Everybody look down!
It's all in your mind!"

Yeah, y'know what, that's all I've got for tonight
G'night, sleep well, and wish me luck that my next post may be better

-Your very own "Dreammaker"