Saturday, September 27, 2008

A bit more about myself

Hello world. Writing this on a brisk autum night, with a window open right next to me. It feels cool and clean. It's a good feeling to write to.
Anyways, not a ton has gone on in my life since the last entry. Be slightly different as I may, I still attend school like the masses.
Getting going on a topic completely unrelated to what I've mentioned above, I want to write about someone. An individual with whom I've forged an inexplicable connection with over the past year. My dear friend, recently turned girlfriend, Vanessa. I can't explain what the two of us have with words alone, so I'm not going to even attempt... But she means a lot to me, and I probably will be bringing her up in future posts, just for your referance.

Life is beautiful. Everything and everyone about it. The way we interact and live amongst each other. The way we form bonds and friendships, and have fallouts that destroy love over a matter of seconds. We make up, and become friends again. The world is crazy, and the people in it are all crazy. Nevertheless... Everything is... Music. This is our song.
Sing with me, don't worry that the world is watching.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


First off, let me establish this. There will be little, or no consistency to the content, and quality of this blog. It may have page long posts, or some entries that are only a couple sentences long. It all depends on what kind of a mood I'm in. I might write entries about taboo topics, things that could offend someone, or I might just talk about what I wore today, but no matter what I wind up doing, I'll try to keep things interesting. Wish me luck