Sunday, December 14, 2008

How far we've come

Say what? Two posts one week? My God Chris, are you ill? Mad?
The (technical) correct answer to this question is yes, as I am slightly unwell with an annoying head cold, and the madness is... well, quite eminent.
The reason for me doing multiple posts in a single week though, is this: Lately I've been putting thought towards my journal I abandoned only after I started "My Song", and it's kind of sad entry-wise. Most of my journal entries were kind of vain and pointless, but that aside, I did one most every night, and I can read back on those, and tell quite clearly my own tale. In comparison, however, the blog gets only one post every week or so. Anyways, what to take from my little monologue is the fact that I'm going to try to do more entries. At least two a week, but... egh, maybe not, we'll have to see, I suppose.
Well, winter is most definitely upon us here in the frigged northern-regions. The days have become shorter, and the nights contrast this recent anti-growth. However, unlike the darkness's undeniable spreading, it hasn't reached me (at least, not yet.) I've been oddly happy for the last few weeks (minus, of course for a handful of incidents, but let us not reflect upon those too much.) It's been very strange for me to have a positive outlook on everything, and to have a contented existence, rather than constantly desiring more then what life actually has to offer.
Pulling a 180 degree spin on my current thought train, my parents recently had over for dinner the new band director of the Magrath high school, Sam Yamamoto. He has a tendency to be a little "hardcore" from time to time in his teaching methods, and has a few odd tendencies, and is a bit on the odd side, but overall, he is a really nice guy. Anyways, he was over for dinner, and rather then being all awkward and uncomfortable as I expected it to be, I actually had a good time. It was decidedly pleasant to just talk to him as some guy rather than a teacher... at risk of him ever hearing of this, I'm kinda hoping it'll happen again.
Strange how things happen isn't it? For example, whenever I'm doing a post, I always think it's just going to be a quick dip into the sea of the catacombs of my mind, but usually I wind up putting up way more then I originally intend to. If you really do put thought to it though, is that not how most things happen? All the way from falling in love with a magnificent girl you met on a bus, to starting some sort of global enterprise, and owning a quarter of the Earth, to the bad end of the spectrum, like unplanned parenthood, or suicide, or gradually, but surely changing what you are, from all of the things that you once believed in, to being an entirely different creature, having your own morals twisted against you. Maybe I'm off by a bit, or completely wrong altogether, but I can't help but feel that there's a truth to my own words (wow. If that doesn't sound cocky, I don't know what does.) Either way, it's just one odd boy's observations, as my own words are not set in stone, and everything I write is completely open to observation
Okay, goodnight (or morning), and may truth and beauty always be your guides.
Be the trouble you want to see in the world


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gentle blizzard

Hey world... In very recent retrospect, it may have been a good idea to come up with a topic, or actually have visualized an idea in my head before starting this entry (which I realize is way overdue, so my most sincere apologies. Sorry it's been so long... (okay, well only two weeks, but I've tried twice already to do an entry, but life keeps intervening, and I never get the chance to finish it. Today, however, I'll do what I can to complete an entry in... well, one social class. If not though, I'll do what I can to finish at home. The reason I haven't been writing though, is chiefly due to the fact that I have been incredibly busy with my church's Christmas production. I played the bass trombone in it, and all things considered, it went very well, minus a few small... Technical difficulties, such as the uncooperative llamas, the penultimate crying Jesus, and some small pranks played by the moving cast. The biggest thing about it though was the always reliving fact that lots (about 3500) people came, and got to hear the true meaning of Christmas.
Okay, biblical moment aside, I haven't really been feeling the Christmas spirit much this year, to be completely honest. Between the baby in the house, school, and how everybody seems so busy all the time, it just feels kinda... dead. I can't really elaborate much further than that, but it's just the way that the holidays have been striking me. There is, however something I'm greatly excited over: On December the 27th, my brother and I are going to freakin' Mexico! I can't wait to go, I get to see some family whom I haven't even talked to in nearly six months, and I get to... tie up some loose ends. Anyways, suffice it to say, I'm crazy stoked to go, and this should be a fun trip. I'll try to write at least once while I'm away.
I really don't have that much to talk about, but I would like to do a quick review. This one, however, is not of my normal medium; the beautiful, grace of music, no this is a bit different. This my friends/Internet strangers, is a video game.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions *Internet explorer fails at uploading image, I just leave it be*
This game, first of all, is a remake of the original Final Fantasy Tactics for the original PlayStation, released in 1997. As part of Square Enix's 20 year anniversary of the FF series, they released a remake of the game onto the PSP.
Obviously, the general idea of the game is the same, however, the things that one needs to keep in mind with this is: The graphics have been greatly amped up, plus there are some downright incredible CGI cutscenes throughout the game, complete with voiceovers, and an overall great feel. Also, there are several new jobs for your characters,(which I won't mention due to spoilers) creating a great new strategy one can employ to beat the enemy... And you'll need it. The AI is completely redone, and is (by a huge margine) more difficult than the original. You'll need all the help you can get. For lack of better way to describe it, all I have to say this this. You'll need patience, a good brain, and a bit of luck to make it through this game. I would recommend this game to anyone who is even remotely a fan of RPGs, RTSs, or even just looking for a good handheld game.
Wow... Just when I think I can't get geekier.
Ahh! 9 days until Vanessa's birthday... But... I'm prepared.
I'm nothing special, and I can take you down only one road. But I can promise you this. All the things you'll never find with others are down that path. Follow at your own risk.