Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morning Glory

The first thing that should be established is this: This entry is another being written in class. I would have wrote last night, but my unhealthy Super Metroid addiction said otherwise. To be completely honest, I don't have to much to talk about that has happened since Sunday.
Lets see... Monday was my Grandfathers 91st birthday, which by any margin is quite an amazing lifespan. I can't help but wonder how existence (in general) has changed since he was my age... Odds are he was far more masculine, and physically in shape than me. The real thing that had me wondering was this thought, however: Was he a dreamer? Did he ever think that there was more to life than this? Maybe seventy-five years ago, Otto Gast wasn't that unlike me... As much as I wish that to be true, I think that that's not quite the case. I believe that if someone is a dreamer, they'll always be... *sigh* It's times like this I pray that I'm right. If being odd, with my head in the clouds, wanting more than what this world has to offer... I don't want to change. If growing up, and being a normal, functional, reasonable member of society is what I'm meant to be... Then I hope I have the courage to be wrong, or cast off my destiny.
Anyways, my apologies for that... I didn't mean to get all existential there, but it just sort of... happened. I'll try to at least give good warning before I do that again (which will, without doubt, happen)

I have very soft hair today!

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