Monday, October 6, 2008

Fourth period, Monday... Ugh...

I've tried to do this before, and so far it's never turned out, but I guess I'll give it another try. What I'm talking about, with my obscure reference, is doing writing in the computer lab during class time... I wonder if by doing more frequent entries, I'll fall into a trap of my own creation, and whatever quality was to my entries to begin with will deteriorate. Oh well... It's not worth getting to worked up about.
Anyways, it's come to the point that I'm done my work, and now I'm just waiting for class to end. Obviously, nothing big has happened in the last two days, so instead of that, I'll try to write about my thoughts. Lately I've been contemplating our motivations about why we do what we do, and the thing that I've found, is that most of our actions are driven by three main motives: Guilt, self-gratification, and passion (namely love and anger, often a combination of the two).
Well, I try to have at least something memorable in each last paragraph, but I think that that'll be difficult in this instance, considering the classroom setting. Heh... The way things are, I'm proud of myself for having even proper grammar in this entry, nonetheless actually having slightly interesting thoughts. Well, I thank anyone who took the time to read this, and I'll try to have something more worthwhile next time.
Lay awake, with the city in silence.

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