Thursday, November 27, 2008

In our Bedroom, After the War

First things first: My most sincere apologies for the last entry. I was just... frustrated at everything while I wrote it. Twice I thought about deleting it, but a friend mentioned that it's not healthy to censor yourself, so I refrained.
Anyways, now that we're past that (you need not worry about me, the issue sorted itself out, and somehow, the pieces are stronger now then they ever were now that their back together, (somehow)).
Over the course of this week I haven't been up to too much. Mostly just preparation for the three parades I'm marching in this weekend... Other than that though, I've mostly just been wrestling with my mind (as usual) and trying to hold onto my madness in this world of sanity.
Jeez... This is making it's self out to be a rather boring entry... There's gotta be something that I've been doing... I've found a new artist that I've really gotten into, very quickly, which I haven't for a quite a while. Their a Canadian group, with a contract with "Arts & Crafts"... I'm a little embarrassed to say how little I know about this band. I know none of the band members names, only the general area from which they hail (Ontario, I believe). Anyways, the album that I want to give a mention to is their fourth, and newest album "In our Bedroom, After the War" The chemistry between Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan is just amazing. The way that they sing to each other, is beautiful and tender to the point of reminding oneself of two lovers serenading one another. They just have a sort of... peace and tranquility to their music, that isn't heard much (okay, well it is out there, but the kind of people I hang out with, it isn't, really). The one song that I want to make a particular mention to on the album is the third track "Take me to the Riot", a song about the stupid things that people do, but not giving up hope through it all.

Okay, well enough about my music. (Actually, that's a lie, but I don't want to bore any readers away)... I found out today that Vanessa and I practically have the same haircut. Not really relevant to anything, just thought I'd mention it for the sake of mentioning it.
Wait... Do I seem like one of those creepy obsessive boyfriends, that thinks of nothing but their girlfriend? That's not a pleasant thought... I mean, I care about her a lot, but I definitely don't want to be overly clingy or anything like that. I just want to be... Well, her friend... I don't want to take the "girl" part of that to seriously

Okay, I've gotta take off now, someone else needs the computer.
Trying to maintain my madness in a world of sanity.

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  1. You drive me crazy.

    Lol, the title struck me as odd at first...
    Glad everything got worked out with V.
    I've got a lot to tell you...