Thursday, November 13, 2008

60-second reviews

Rather than actually piece together intelligent thoughts for this entry, I'll do something that a little voice inside me has been nagging me to do for a little while now: A top 10 list. It took my a while to think of a good thesis for things to make a list of, but I finally decided that instead of actually trying to pick favorites with something, I'd just push the shuffle button on my ipod, and do quick reviews on the first ten songs. So... I guess this isn't really a top ten at all, but whatever. Hope you enjoy!

10. Avril Lavigne "Falling Down", B Sides
Jeez. Looks like even the first song on the list is doomed to embarrass me. But, hey, I promised this didn't I? Okay, I'm man enough to admit that I do actually like Avril BEFORE the release of "The Best Damn Thing". After that she just became another sellout, trashing her values and the rebellious, spiritual punk girl she was, just to increase her fanbase... I'm disappointed, to be frank. Oh well. This song, anyways, is more of just a motivational song about how no matter what you are, or what you do, you are damned to make mistakes and "fall down", but it's up to us to make our own way back up. The sweet feeling of earth on my body... I suppose that is a good message though. It's really a shame that she had to go away from this kind of music though. Oh well, next song!

9. Eels "My Beloved Monster", Beautiful Freak
Okay, this one reflects what I would like to call my taste a lot better. Many people actually know of this song due to the fact that it appears in the movie "Shrek" (The first one, that is), but that isn't actually how I came to know this criminally underrated artist. A friend simply told me about them, and lent me the album thinking I would like them. And like them I did! Mournfull, yet thoughtful lyrics, sensetive instrumentals, and a dark, but somehow increadably uplifting feel to it. Anyone into artists like Radiohead, Cake, Coldplay, or the Moldy Peaches should really check these guys out. You won't regret it.

8. System Of A Down "She's like Heroine", Hypnotize
I'm slapping myself in the forhead right now. It's almost like my ipod (named James) is making a concious effort to make a fool out of me. Well... What's done is done. Let's get this over with. Okay, for starters, the odd-ness aside, I have an good (though very strange) relationship with SOAD. The same friend mentioned above who lent me "Beautiful Freak" also lent me this... Actually looking back on him, he is a pretty strong musical influence on me. However, it was Vanessa who actually helped me past the initial gag reflex (I say that in the nicest possible way) of the band. About the actual song though, it's one of those things that you have to try really, really hard not to take so seriously. It's about transvestites, prostitution, and (obviously) heroine. Seriously, the last minute of the song is just Serj Tankien yelling "Ass! Selling ass for heroine!" The only other thing I have to say about the song is that it is almost as addictive to listen to as the drug it mentions. I can certainly say what I'll be listening to after I'm done this list.

7. Superbus "Radio Song", Pop'n'gum
Of all of the songs mentioned so far, this one is differnt from the first three in two ways: 1. It's the first foregin (French, for those of you who didn't know) band on the list, and second, it's by a long shot the band I know the least about. All I really know Jennifer Ayache took a trip to America to perfect her english or something like that, and somehow wound up starting a band. The song is a playable track on GH:III, and is really catchy. What I imagine it's about is probably just about the youth controlling the world, as they're desinted to... From the little I know about this band, all I can say is that I reccomend them to anyone into bubblegum pop, foregin or not

6. Rob Zombie "Living Dead Girl" Hellbilly Deluxe
Yup. This finalizes it. James has decided he hates me. Nothing I do say about Rob Zombie will change whatever anyone else thinks about him/his music. It's not bad in a "backround noise" kind of way. I honestly normally wouldn't be conciously listening to this. This song is a straightforward, cryptic metal song about the undead. No hidden meanings here. The title says it all. If you want to find out more about this (if you havn't heard it already) just check it out. I really don't know what to say about this.

5. Ben Harper "Here Comes the Sun" Live *No Artwork Availible*
Oh man... I don't really know all that much about Ben Harper to be honest, but I'll do the best with this that I can. First thing that that one should know is that although this is a soft acoustic meolody with soft singing, it is NOT a cover of the Beatles song by the same name. Ben Harper's music (generally speaking) is full of mourful melodies not unlike this one, and if I had to compare his style to other artist, I would say... Jack Johnson, Adam Duritz, and (some) Erik Clapton.

4. The Arcade Fire "Ocean of Noise" Neon Bible
First things first. Arcade Fire is awsome. Be prewarned, I have a very soft spot for Win Butler (as I have mentioned in past entries), and will never, ever say anything bad about his band, so this little portion of the entry will be a tad biased. This song is about false love, and lying to avoid breaking someone's heart. I think this song is very strong in following the albums theme of desecrating things that were holy, and in this instance, that "thing" is love, most likely represented by an unhealthy relationship, or a one night stand. Lyrics aside though, the instrumentals are just fabulous. Slow, sollem piano riffs, mandolin genly crying in the backround, and a soft drumbeat tying the voices of Win and Regine together in a beautiful harmony, sure to make even the most savage listeners smile, and relax a little. If you are not familliar with The Arcade Fire, please, get off the computer, walk to your local record store, go find a copy of Neon Bible, buy it, and listen to it in one sitting. Seriously. This album is just... Amazing... Well, lets see if the next song can measure up.

3. Bella "Camelot" No One Will Know
Wow. Looks like it can. This is probably the most obscure band on my list, and honestly, next to The Arcade Fire, probably my favorite. This 3-man (well, one man, two women) trio from downtown Vancouver came out with their sophmore album in late 2007. This album if chock-full of bouncy pop rythms, and an offbeat, punkish attitude that flows from one track to the next, to the point you'll have a heartbroken, but slightly satisfied feeling when the last tracks are rolling past your ears This band may be hard for someone to find much about, but if you have the opprotunity to, don't pass it up. Okay, about the song it's self, the general message of it (if you pay any attention to the upbeat lyrics, and aren't just mesmerized by the bass and the drums laying out a brilliant bass for the electronic treble sounds, and the voice of Cameron Fraser), are mostly about finding your way in a crowded, confusing world, and staying on the lighter side of life.

2. Linkin Park "Somewhere I belong" Meteora
On the opposite end of the spectrum from the last track, here we have Linkin Park, which I'm pretty sure is the most known song so far... I have no idea how to review a song everybody has heard a million times before. Well, all I can say is this: If you like Linkin Park, and for whatever reason havn't, check out this song. If you don't, then stay away. Sorry to cut this short, but no matter what I say, won't change anybody's opinions on the artis already. (Meteora = L.P.'s high point)

1. Blink-182 "All the Small Things" Enema of the State
I can't think of a single other song that I'd rather end this with. So what if this is the punk anthem of a generation? So what if it's repeditive and catchy? So what if it's heartwarming and thoughtful. This song is one of my personal anthems, and I feel that it embodies the late 90's and the end of an era, and the begining of another. I have nothing bad to say about this song. I don't even care how grossly overplayed it is. I... ugh, simply don't know what to say
"Say it ain't so, I will not go
Turn the lights off, carry me home
Keep your head still, I'll be your thrill,
The night will go on, my little windmill"
And that pretty well sums up what I have to say about "All the Small Things"

And thus concludes my review. If you like this at all, leave a comment, and maybe I'll do another one sometime soon. Hope you enjoyed

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