Saturday, October 3, 2009

I, Megaphone

Hey there. Some two and a half months later, here I am. Alive and well as ever. Life is still amazing, love is still amazing. Summer is quickly changing into Autumn here. Looking out the window the skies are gray, and the leaves on the trees are burning brightly, glistening with the frigid October rain. The nights aren't quite freezing, but the cold leaves a crispness in your lungs and a silver frost on the windows.

Life is beautiful, and love is amazing. Between dancing with disaster, trying to earn everything you've been given by the world around you, and finding time to step back and take in the smell of the rain, sometimes there's not a lot of room for "you". Guess what I've learned? "You" is in all of this. You're never without your own intuition and soul. From President to Punk, we all have an undying spirit inside of. No job, no life, and no affilation can strip us of who and what we are.

Drowning in life, and in the undying spirit of humanity. I'm Chris, this is Thingsleftunsaid, the ramblings of a madman, and I'm back.

Deep breath, open your eyes, and see what the world is.

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