Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sam's Town

Good afternoon internet! What should you be doing right now instead of reading this? Don't you have a job, or homework, or at least something more constructive you could be doing? My thoughts aren't that great. (Yet, you're still reading)
This week has been... well, a week. Not boring enough to whine about, but not exciting enough to have stories upon stories to convey... the high points of my week were probably either hanging out with friends/ Vanessa on Wednesday, getting my damn math midterm over and done with yesterday (which I'm fairly certain I did poorly on), and hanging out with the regular gang last night (minus Vanessa, unfortunately), and just had an awesome time doing nothing. God... it feels good to act like a teenager every once in a while, a feeling I deny myself of far to frequently with this life I've made for myself. Between an borderline obsessive interest in underground art, a strange philosophical outlook on existing, and a terribly critical view of myself, it doesn't leave a lot of room to just stay up late, rock out, have a bonfire every once in a while, and just sit back and take it easy.
Hmm... What else has been going on... Oh! My baby brother is crawling now (his first birthday is on May the fifteenth, a date that falls precariously close to my own). Anyways, now that he's mobile he's been much happier, although he is a fair deal more difficult to look after because he makes an effort to get into all of the things that he shouldn't be. Toys don't hold his interest (quite) the way that they used to. In a way though, we're all like that, satisfied with the little things that can merely hold our attention, and we will stay that way unless more is brought to our attention... or in the case of people like Max, or myself, go find more. Perhaps it's just some sort of indication of discontentment, but I like to think it's just a "quest" of sorts, to find what the world, and the people have to offer.
The one other thing that I want to comment on is the idea of people going into a "maniac" mode over something they're passionate about. (if that makes any sense) For example, I will be deeply offended, and will not hesitate to aggressively defend the music I listen to, or the artists I care about if they are insulted or attacked by someone else. Most everybody who I can think of has something that means this much to them, which is an awesome thing, because with that kind of passion put into something, incredible thing can be accomplished. The thing that I wanted to get at though is the opposite end of awesome. The way the people hurt each other when caught in the passion of forcing on, or defending something from/on someone. It is understandable to want to have something seen from your perspective, but is it really worth annoying someone, or in a particularly bad situation, flat-out make enemies?
Okay, I think that's everything for today. I should be back later this week with more...words
I totally wrote this post on a "Killers" high. Wait, when am I not on a Killers high?
Now! Go do something constructive!
(It's okay, I'm not either)
-Lover, dreamer, loser

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  1. I'm trying to go through my sorts of obsessions and see if there is anything that I am as 'passionate' about as you are with your music. Don't get me wrong, music is my life... but I don't defend it as you do. Hmm... now you've got me thinking...