Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Hunters Lullaby

*Cracks knuckles* (Yes, I do that in reality, and it makes me feel cool).
Well, yesterday's post took me like three days to find the time to put that damn thing together, but if all goes as planned this post (Sunday, Jan 11, 2009) should be completed within a few hours. At this point, I feel almost obligated to bore you guys with little tidbits about music, but I have more artists that should definitely be checked out: The first is a group called "Eisley" (used to be named after the city "Moss Eisley" in Star Wars, but after a brief run in with the law department of LucasArts, they dropped the "Moss" in order to avoid a potentially ugly lawsuit). Anywho, a couple days back this delightful family band from Tyler, Texas was brought to my attention by a close friend. I purchased their EP "Telescope Eyes" and found it to be decidedly enjoyable... Sort of Tegan and Sara meets Paramore kinda thing. They have a certain "old-school rustic chick rocker" feel to them which gives a wonderful (but slightly hokey) spunky country girl effect.
Entry time!
Hm... I didn't really do too much between yesterdays entry and this today's post... I guess I just went to church, and had a talked with Vanessa (oh my god, seven months?) In my shallow realm of "dating" this is by a huge margin my longest (and most meaningful) relationship. Of course, there's always odd fluctuations in things, and from time to time, things don't really go according to plan (but usually they turn out better than originally conceived, so that's okay I guess. Also, would life be any fun at all if it always worked out as planned?) Either way though, things have been a bit strange with her, and I've been doing my best to get everything back to what could be regarded as a potential "ordinary", but deep down I feel like that's kinda history.
What else to I have to talk about... Oh! There's an amazing book I've been reading that should definitely be checked out by anyone who likes... well, I'm really not certain how to classify it at all. Really, if you like reading at all, and don't have any problems with graphic scenes then I strongly recommend that you check this out. Picture this: "If you can imagine that Peter Pan's enemy is not Captain Hook, but Neverland itself, or what the whale that swallows Jonah is Moby-Dick, you'll begin to appreciate what this book is about. Anticipate with dread, size, and understand. A riveting reading experience"
-Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
Well, I guess that's about all I've got to say about my life right now. I'll be back with another post later this week, maybe next weekend at latest
Caught between the stars and underground, climbing up for the sheer purpose of falling back down
-Any other boy

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