Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stop the Clocks

Oh dear Lord... I need to be doing more writing. My apologies for succumbing to my laziness like this, but I've been fairly busy with life.
*sigh* I'm done of winter. A few days ago I felt certain that the clouds would finally part, and I could once again bask in the suns rays, and bid farewell to the ice for at least a few months. However, we in southern Alberta were given no such sympathy by mother nature. -To all readers- Be grateful if you live somewhere where there is no snow in March.
Over the past few days everyone in my home has been doing battle with an illness of sorts, and recently, I've succumbed to this vile micro-organism. My head bears a certain similarity to the feeling a church bell must have... as for the rest of my body, I feel dizzy to the point of having difficulty standing up, and (possibly to attribute to my lack of balance) I have no energy whatsoever. At this point I feel like I'm borrowing the flow of my music just to keep from falling asleep on the keyboard... come to think of it, I'm actually typing in sync with the rhythm of my music, which is kinda sad. (Which, BTW is the sophomore album of Dallas Green (AKA City and Colour) "Bring me Your Love". Very nice old-school folky sound, with a nice blend of passionate lyrics. Nothing new or special, but it's all done very well.)
Hm... it's times like this that I almost wish that nobody read my blog, so that I could say things that would offend practically all of the people who read this, and to those it didn't offend, it would just give away more of myself than I'm willing to put out there... again, to anyone curious enough to ask, feel free to fire away with the questions. I can't promise you I'll answer, but depending on who you are, I might throw you a line if I'm in the right mood.
Gah... I think that's about all I've got in me for now. I'm sorry for not writing more, but I don't think my brain can handle too much more of this

And to quote one of the most overused love songs ever "And maybe, you'll be the one who saves me"

-The kid who didn't make it

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